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The day I started my journey studying astrology and using this as the access point in my meditaions, was the turning point for me and my readings. They just blossomed into an entire new access point.  When i read for you, I am always learning even more for myself to help others. Gifts abound!  

About Me


Intuitive Astrologer studying and reading for over 14 plus years. using meditation and channelling, while the birthcart is my invitation to read the soul. This is where the healing journey begins And I want you to align with your highest intention While on your journey. When you are in your heart the flow is always pure and much easier.

What To Expect from my readings.


Every reading is different and every experience can vary with each soul journey. You can come with one query or take the time to allow spirit to work through me to give indepth information to what you may be seeking.  

All experiences bring you into more enlightement of the self or personal issues.  

Maybe validation of the path is all you seek. I can help there as well.


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Jamie Floyd musician songwriter

I’ve had multiple readings with Tracy over the last 10 years as well as guided meditations. Her intuition and sensitivity to the wide range of circumstances I was in over all those years—and her ability to provide incredible messages and insight—was truly unbelievable and indicative of her miraculous gift. Her readings were extremely helpful with knowing what to expect of a situation, whether it be: exposing various people’s underlying qualities and motives, giving key insight concerning negotiations, or helping to be directed concerning health issues or even loved one’s health issues (and so much more). Tracy has a way of giving you what you need to hear and what you can handle in that moment. She has the ability to be delicate and also to be more transparent, depending on what it is that your heart needs. I would genuinely recommend everyone to speak with Tracy and allow her to connect with you in the beautiful way that only she can. Her gifts will enrich your life as you walk along your path..her spirit and generous soul shine through in her readings and I have trusted her with everything closest to my heart. 

Jamie Floyd 

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Sara Haze

Tracy has a beautiful gift. You pretty much realize that the second you sit down with her. She has a way of making you feel so comfortable right away. I promise you will be amazed by her reading. I saw her in 2013, and four years later I can say that most everything she told me about, has happened. She speaks only positivity. It’s almost like going to a magical therapy session. You will not regret seeing her. My reading was a wonderful experience and I will remember it always!

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