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The day I started my journey studying astrology and using this as the access point in my meditaions, was the turning point for me and my readings. They just blossomed into an entire new access point.  When i read for you, I am always learning even more for myself to help others. Gifts abound!  

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Intuitive Astrologer studying and reading for over 11 plus years. using meditation and channelling while the birthcart is my invitation to read the soul. This is where the healing journey begins.

What To Expect from my readings.


Every reading is different and every experience can vary with each soul journey. You can come with one query or take the time to allow spirit to work through me to give indepth information to what you may be seeking.  

All experiences bring you into more enlightement of the self or personal issues.  

Maybe validation of the path is all you seek. I can help there as well.


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Goddess musing

Try and stay centered in the now. Mars rx adding some slow and low flavor to the mix is losing itself in the internal clockwise position to filter and find movement and all he wants to do is find a way to the surface.....it’s very confusing to some why he is having this issue so redo are possible if you do not understand why it comes up. Look to the house he revisits to make asseememts as to what may transpire. In order to be aware you must really know your patterns and players in the cosmic sce

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